Respect Yourself and Let Go
A few years ago I had a former friend & partner of mine cut a “secret deal” that made him over a million dollars. This deal was based on business that we were bringing to the table. So, when I was asked yesterday by a friend of mine if I hated this person for being cut out of the deal along with our leaders, I may have surprised him when I said; “no.” While I will never do business with this person again, I appreciate the friendship we shared over the years and I wish him nothing but the best. (I really do)

Cutting people out of your life doesn’t have to mean that you hate them, it can simply mean that you respect YOU! Life is too short to deal with people who have character flaws, who are selfish, or haven’t fully grasped the concept of loyalty. But that doesn’t have to lead to anger or bitterness. One thing about growing up is realizing that you really don’t need to hate anything or anyone anymore. People, things, and events either matter to you and add value to your life… or they don’t!
It’s that simple.

Carry on…