It's More Than Belief
I started this week out with a good laugh.

My friend Michael Tobin shared the following video on facebook and the reason I am dying laughing is that I have met this man. Well, maybe not this actual man… but hundreds of people just like him. Come to think of it, I see a little of the “old me” in this guy as well! Unfortunately, as my new friend here finds out, simply believing in yourself is not enough!
Here are five quick lessons that will help you avoid kicking your own butt like this guy. (watch the video first)

1.Begin with the end in mind.

The first, and most obvious question is this, Why are we breaking a board over our head? In our busy daily lives, we don’t have time to master something that really has no value to us or our families. If this man became the world record holder for breaking plywood over his head, that would do what______? Besides making him shorter, it would mean he spent his life mastering the trivial.
Always ask yourself this question, what am I trading my time and life for? Is this something worth mastering? Is this my legacy?

2. Do your homework

Last year I hosted a conference in Las Vegas and I asked my friend Rex Crain to speak about breaking through to the next level. To make the point, we ordered over 1,000 pieces of 1” x 6” x 1’ kiln dried pine. Our homework showed that this was the best sizes and types of boards to break for a beginner. At the end of the event, the entire audience had broken their boards in half. With a little homework, my friend in the video would have found out that plywood is made with cross-grained layers of wood and glue which makes it one of the strongest types of building material there is. Some people just insist on learning some lessons the hard way.

3. Learn from someone who has successfully done what you are about to do.

The type of wood isn’t the only issue for my friend here… further study would have shown him that there are not a lot of people out there who are attempting, and succeeding at breaking plywood over their heads. One of the first rules of success is to learn from others who have successfully gone before you. And if no one has, you may want to go in a different direction.

4. Start small, then work your way up as you grow.

While I have always been amazed by martial arts experts that can break wood and brick, these athletes spend years honing their skills before they can prove that they have mastered it. As children, we start learning in preschool, then go to elementary school. This is followed by middle school, high school, and college. Success at anything worthwhile will always follow this type of linear path. Expecting immediate success will only lead to failure and heartache. ( Or headache in my friends case here)

5. If you’re beating your head with zero results… Stop… take a breath, then re-visit steps 1 through 4!

Pick something worthy of your time, use your head (pun intended), AND believe in yourself…

You’ve got this!