Ask or Stay Frustrated
I woke up this morning laughing at myself, so I am going to start today with a confession…

For over twenty five years, I have spoken to convention centers and arenas full of people about one of the most important success principles there is. “If you are going to do something you’ve never done, you must first learn from others who have done it successfully.” This “learn from the successful” philosophy is one of the foundations to my marriage, my family, as well as a successful business.

Last night, I came to the realization that I should stop occasionally and listen to my own advice. My issues started a week ago when I returned home from Las Vegas to a broken garbage disposal and a kitchen sink that had a small leak. While I would usually call our plumber for such an issue, I have been teaching my children how to fix basic things around the house and paying a plumber for something “this simple” was a poor lesson I thought.

So I ran to Home Depot and bought a new garbage disposal, some hoses and misc. parts, then had it all replaced within an hour or so. Everything was great and I was quite proud of my work… until the dishwasher kicked on. Suddenly, I had water shooting out the air gap and my counters were flooding. The next day I took everything apart and reassembled it all over again. Same results!
Another trip to home depot, and everything except my new disposal was replaced once again. Same results!! Caulking should do it i thought? Same results!!! Better washers? Same results!!!!

I tried “everything”……….          except asking for help or reading the instructions!

Two minutes into my research last night, I found out that ALL new garbage disposals have a plug in them in case you decide not to hook it up to a dishwasher! But some of you reading this already knew that. As a matter of fact, I could have asked the question here and hundreds of you could have straightened me out… but NO! That would show weakness on my part. Tracey even told me on day two; “Lance, I have never seen the water shoot out like that.” Me; “I have got this! Expletive, expletive!” My “stubborn self” spent the last five days of my life and over $500 to figure that one out!

This leads me to my point here today… What is your greatest frustration right now? The one thing that has you completely stumped? Is it your marriage, your job, raising your kids, your business? It may be as simple as a plumbing problem or as complex as a relationship issue. Whatever it is, you are not the first to go through this, and learning from others that have successfully navigated your path is the best way to find the answers that elude you. I promise you this, there are people that you know, books that have been written, and videos posted about your exact issue!

Pause, humble yourself, and ask… or spend the next weeks and months yelling at “the sink” like me… ツ

You’ve got this!